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Third OGTAC CC inter-laboratory comparison (ILC) on anthropogenic SOA marker compounds


An inter-laboratory comparison (ILC) will be performed to compare and validate offline analysis for particle-phase oxidation products of AVOCs. The ILC comprises the distribution of filter samples collected in the TROPOS ACD aerosol chamber LEAK and at the TROPOS research station Melpitz (Germany).

  • LEAK: Filter from AVOC oxidation (TMB and Toluol oxidation), focus on ASOA marker compounds
  • Melpitz: Central European Research Station, Digitel PM10 filter, focus on ASOA marker compounds
  • Solution containing mixture of target compounds 

Target compounds will be: Syringaldehyde, 4-Nitrophenol, Nitro-catechol and 2-Methyl-4-Nitrophenol.

The loaded filters will be distributed to the participating ILC partners in January 2020. After arrival, all participants will have two months for data submission, at latest on 15th of April 2020

Please note that all results can be anonymized if requested by a participating group. In the ILCs, each participant receives a number in the ILC so that they can identify their own results, without having information about the other participating laboratories. When detailed feedback to the single participants is given, this is regularly done on a 1:1 basis between the OGTAC CC operators and each participant. Group discussion should be conducted so that anonymity of the partners can be held. 

In this way, the ILC is open to participants which are starting newly without exposing them to criticism of the whole group, as we are aiming at having really new users which possibly have never performed this type of work. In publications, anonymity can be kept or opened as the co-authors decide. 

Participants from EUROCHAMP-2020 community and from the former ACTRIS-2 project should consider the participation at the ILC as a part of their QA/QC measures.

How to apply?  

In order to register, you can apply by filling in the ILC application form. Application forms must be sent to Dr. Anke Mutzel (mutzel@tropos.de) before September 30th, 2019