EUROCHAMP-2020 is organised into 11 work packages (WP): six Networking Activities (WPs 1-6), two Trans-National Access Activities including hands-on access to simulation chamber facilities (WP7) and physical/remote access to calibration facilities (WP8), one Virtual Access activity (WP9) and two Joint Research Activities (WP10 and WP11).

work packages picture


WP number  Activity type WP title Leading institution
NA1  Management  CNRS 
2 NA2 Atmospheric simulation chamber characterization and interoperability CEAM 
NA3 Standard Protocols, Instrumentation, Quality Assurance and Data Provision FZJ
NA4 Innovation Platform  UCC 
NA5  Long-term sustainability and integration of EUROCHAMP in the European environmental research infrastructure and ESFRI landscape UHEL 
NA6 Outreach, Communication and Education CNRS
7 TNA1  Physical access to the chambers  BUW 
TNA2  Transnational access to calibration facilities  KIT 
10  JRA1  Evolution of atmospheric simulation chamber infrastructure to address broader scientific and societal needs  PSI 
11  JRA2  Model development and evaluation to enhance and optimally exploit the chamber infrastructure NCAS-UMAN