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EUROCHAMP-2020 offers a range of services to scientific research communities that is unique in the world. The integrated suite of state-of-the-art simulation chambers provides unprecedented opportunities for atmospheric scientists to perform experiments that address the most important questions in air quality and climate research. EUROCHAMP-2020 incorporates a range of chamber platforms that are both diverse and highly versatile. EUROCHAMP-2020 is thus a basis for engaging the wider scientific community in more trans-disciplinary approaches to better understand the impacts of atmospheric processes in an integrated manner. This opens up exciting opportunities for researchers working in a range of areas such as health and cultural heritage, as well as in the broader environmental domain.


Physical/Remote Access to the Chambers provides trans-national access to 16 of the chamber facilities in EUROCHAMP-2020. The research facilities were selected based on their uniqueness within Europe to offer a wide range of experimental capabilities at the forefront of advances in atmospheric simulations and related studies. They are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, a very high level of services, and the capacity to provide high quality, research drive training to young scientists and new users. 


Physical/Remote Access to Calibration Facilities provides access to 4 calibration centres in EUROCHAMP-2020. The calibration centres enable intercomparison of instruments and analytical procedures, but also provide support in the form of training and technical assistance. 
This is a new service offered by the EUROCHAMP community and is expected to hugely benefit partners, associated partners and external users (including SMEs) and especially the field measurement community.