General information
Access mode Remote access, instrument calibration 
Infrastructure name and acronym World Calibration Center for Aerosol Physics (WCCAP)
Location Leipzig, Germany 
Legal name of organisation operating the infrastructure Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS)
Description of the infrastructure
Brief general description of the infrastructure to which access is offered

The WCCAP is a Calibration Center for the Global Watch Programme on behalf of the World Meteorological Organization. It is unique world-wide and offers its service for physical aerosol instruments used at atmospheric observatories so far. Traceable reference instruments are available for calibration and intercomparison workshops for physical aerosol instrumentation. For the community of EUROCHAMP, such workshops are offered for the first time.

The following typologies of instrument can be calibrated or intercompared: Mobility, Aerodynamic and Optical Particle Size Spectrometers, Condensation Particle and Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counters, Absorption Photometers, Integrating Nephelometers, and Extinction Monitors. Furthermore, hands-on training is offered for people who attend the workshops. 

Services currently offered by the infrastructure and its research environment

Currently, calibration and intercomparison workshops are done frequently per year under the frame of the ACTRIS “European Center of Aerosol Calibration, ECAC”. ( Users outside of Germany have to undergo a TNA application process, as defined on the website, while Germany users presently pay an access fee to the Calibration Center. The WCCAP is operated by a couple for scientist who are only dedicated for the above described calibration and intercomparison workshop, and developments of new hardware and software. Frequent calibrations of the scientific aerosol instruments will allow to perform reliable measurements at the chambers and thus provide more confidence for the research.  

Modalities of access and support offered under EUROCHAMP-2020
Typical duration of work Please check the workshop schedule 
Community/user type served Expert and young researchers, PhD students 
Scientific and technical support offered Both, scientific and technical support is offered. 
Logistic and administrative support offered -
Person in charge of access provision at the infrastructure Prof. Dr. Alfred Wiedensohler, Head Experimental Aerosol and Cloud Mycrophysics department
Stephanie Schüttauf, Office ECAC/WCCAP,