Benefits of Associated Partnership for Private Sector Companies

Benefits of Associated Partnership for Private Sector Companies


EUROCHAMP-2020 (E-2020) integrates Europe’s best Atmospheric Simulation Chambers into one world-class research infrastructure. 

SMEs and companies can become part of this network (without any cost) by signing up for Associated Partnership.

Associated Partners can participate in EUROCHAMP-2020's research and networking activities with the following benefits:

Access to the EUROCHAMP Innovation platform (information exchange with partners and other SMEs, new technology forum etc.)
Improved knowledge of harmonized operating procedures and quality standards for chamber experiments and atmospheric measurements
Access to some of the world’s best atmospheric simulation chambers for testing new instruments, devices, sensors, materials under a range of controlled conditions
Access to world-renowned calibration centres
Training of scientists, researchers and technicians
Participation in project meetings and technical workshops
New partnerships with some of the world’s best atmospheric scientists 
Access to data, standard protocols and analytical tools

Associated Partners can also benefit from some of the wider aspects of being in the E-2020 community:
Greater connectedness with the atmospheric science research community in Europe
Improved exposure through the E-2020 webpages, social media and publicity material displayed at the E-2020 in large international conferences

Further Information on how EUROCHAMP-2020 is working to co-operate with private companies is provided in the Innovation Platform
If you have any questions about becoming an Associated Partner, please send an email to the Project Office (