Absorbing aerosol intercomparison workshop
Villingen, Switzerland
  ACTRIS TC/EUROCHAMP DC technical workshop
12th - 13th October
Third Annual Meeting
1st - 4th October 
Kuopio, Finland 
ENVRIplus final dissemination event
4th June 
Brussels, Belgium 
BC intercomparison workshop
13th - 24th May, 2019
Villigen, Switzerland 
  PTR-MS intercomparison campaign
 6th - 25th May, 2019
Orléans, France
Mid-Term Review meeting
21st November
Brussels, Belgium 
  Second Annual meeting 
10th - 13th September
Patras, Greece 
  OGTAC CC first inter-laboratory comparison (ILC) 
April 2019
Leipzig, Germany
  Aerosol particle organic analytical training course
22nd - 26th January 
Leipzig, Germany
  1st Annual Meeting
15th - 17th November
Iași, Romania 
  WP2, WP3 and WP9 technical workshop 
27th - 28th - 29th September 
CERN - Meyrin, Switzerland

EUROCHAMP 2020 Kick-off Meeting
18th - 20th January
Paris, France

Events from the EUROCHAMP community

26th - 28th October
 ACTRIS Community/IMP Kick-off meeting
2nd - 6th March
Larnaca, Cyprus
ACTRIS PPP meeting
6th - 10th May 2019
Rome, Italy

International Symposium on Ultrafine Particles
15th - 16th April, 2019
Brussels, Belgium 
  ACTRIS-2 final event
1st - 4th April, 2019
Darmstadt, Allemagne 
  AGU Fall Meeting 2018 
10th - 14th December, 2018
Washington DC, USA
  Pollutec 2018
27th - 30th November, 2018
Lyon, France
  International Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution
25th - 29th September, 2018
Kagawa, Japan
  ACTRIS PPP Meeting and Mid-term-review
17th - 21st September, 2018
Prague, Czech Republic 
25th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics and Related Phenomena
22nd - 26th July, 2018
Lille, France
International Summer School on "Data Management In Environmental and Earth Science Infrastructure: Theory and Practice" 
9th - 13th July, 2018
Lecce, Italy
VIII Convegno Nazionale sul Particolato Atmosferico
23rd - 25th May, 2018
Matera, Italy 
Bunsentagung 2018
10th - 13th May, 2018
Hannover, Germany
Air Quality 2018
12th - 16th April, 2018
Barcelona, Spain

 Analytica 2018
10th - 13th April, 2018
München, Germany
EGU 2018 
8th-13th April, 2018
Vienna, Austria
Hyytiälä Winter School 2018
5th - 16th March, 2018
Hyytiälä, Finland  
European Research Course on Atmspheres (ERCA)
8th January - 3rd February, 2018
Grenoble, France 
   ACTRIS PPP Meeting
5th - 9th February 2018
Oslo, Norway
  ACTRIS PPP Data Centre Meeting
17th - 18th January 2018
Helsinki, Finland
3rd World Congress on Climate Change and Global Warming 
16th - 17th October, 2017
Dubai, UAE
16th AeroCom Workshop
(combined with 5th AeroSat Workshop)
9th - 13th October, 2017 
FMI, Helsinki, Finland 
  Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Summer School
25th - 29th September, 2017
Jülich, Germany
ACTRIS PPP meeting 
11th - 15th September, 2017
Bucharest, Romania

 ACTRIS-PPP Workshop Data Centre
30th August, 2017
Paris, France
European Aerosol Conference (EAC2017) 
27th August - 1st September, 2017
Zürich, Switzerland
School and Training on Aircraft New Techniques for Atmospheric
Composition Observation (STANCO)

26th June - 6th July 2017
Cambridge, United Kingdom  

ACTRIS Community/IMP Kick-Off meeting 
2nd - 6th March, 2020
Larnaca, Cyprus