ChAMBRe Information

General information
Access mode

Physical access: “hands-on” access to ENV chamber

Remote access: instrument calibration
Infrastructure name and acronym Chamber for Aerosol Modelling and Bio-aerosol Research (ChAMBRe)
Location Genoa, Italy
Legal name of organisation operating the infrastructure Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) – Sezione di Genova
Description of the infrastructure
Brief general description of the infrastructure to which access is offered

A stainless steel atmospheric simulation chamber (volume approximately 3 m3) has been recently installed at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Genoa (INFN-Genova, in collaboration with the Environmental Physics Laboratory at the Physics Department of Genoa University (
ChAMBRe  presents unique characteristics in the Italian scientific framework and is equipped  with a set of instruments/tools for atmospheric measurements, in particular:
- Relative humidity, temperature and pressure gauges
- Gas and aerosol inlets (Blaustein Atomizer – BLAM by CH-Technologies) 
- Vacuum system
- Sampling ports for filters and  two-stage continuous Streaker samplers
- Light source reproducing the solar spectrum
- Gas analyzers (O3, NOx and SOx)
- Real-time aerosol monitoring (OPC-Grimm, Aethalometer)
- Aerosol samplers (Battelle Cascade impactor,  13-stage Nano-Moudi rotating cascade impactor for size segregated analysis)
- Bio-aerosol-specific samplers (Andersen-type cascade impactor  )

Services currently offered by the infrastructure and its research environment


Modalities of access and support offered under EUROCHAMP-2020
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Scientific and technical support offered
Logistic and administrative support offered N/A
Person in charge of the infrastructure

Prof. Paolo Prati,  group leader,

 Extended technical information
Physical  ChAMBRe is made of stainless steel.
Volume : 2200 litres
Diameter : ca. 1 m
Height : ca. 3 m
Limit vacuum : 10-2 mbar
Mechanical description (image)                   
Size dependent aerosol loss/lifetime (image)
Description paper  P. Prati, E. Gatta, P. Brotto, D. Massabò, F. Parodi, A. Comite, C. Costa, J. F. Doussin, P. Formenti (2017), Characterization of the Chambre atmospheric simulation chamber, European Aerosol Conference 2017, Zurich, Abstract T208N425