Transnational Access (TA)

Within the EUROCHAMP-2 project we now offer transnational access to 15 chambers at 13 different locations. This activity promotes scientific excellence through the mobility of experts and access of research scientists, in particular new users, to the high quality EUROCHAMP-2 infrastructure. Such users may be engineers or scientists who need support from the infrastructure to conduct research in various fields of atmospheric environmental chemistry. Access to the installations is offered free of charge and the cost of the chamber operation is covered through a TA proposal which was successfully reviewed by the user selection panel (USP). A list of successful TA proposals provides an overview on the research fields and various groups using TA.

The call for the EUROCHAMP-2 TA activities is a continuous call; proposals are accepted at any time from any researcher or research team. However, we expect the proposal at least one month in advance of the earliest start of the TA activity. The proposals are subject to the Transnational Access Evaluation Procedure briefly outlined here:

  1. An incoming proposal is verified by the EUROCHAMP-2 office for formal compliance with the EU regulations.
  2. The proposal is examined by the corresponding access provider of the infrastructure for the scientific quality of the proposal and the feasibility for the use of the facility.
  3. The proposal is forwarded to the USP, consisting of members from the EUROCHAMP International Advisory Committee (IAC) and from the Eurochamp consortium. The USP will judge the scientific content of the project and rank the proposals according to defined selection criteria.
  4. The final decision is forwarded to the applicant by the EUROCHAMP-2 office.

The user selection panel will review the proposals with respect to the following criteria:
  • Originality and scientific value of the proposal
  • Interest to the scientific community
  • Involvement of new users
  • Training benefit to young researchers
  • mobility of experts

Please download the Transnational Access Evaluation Procedure, Transnational Access Proposal Guideline and the Transnational Access Proposal Form. Please fill the form and submit through upload web interface. The proposal will be forwarded to the TA coordinator and the host. You will receive a Eurochamp TA reference number which we would like you to use for the correspondence, e.g. update of your existing proposal.

Each Group Leader of a user-project supported under an EC Research Infrastructure grant agreement is requested to complete the present User Group Questionnaire. The questionnaire must be submitted once by each user group as soon as the experiments on the infrastructure come to end.