Publications 2005

 Secondary organic aerosols from anthropogenic and biogenic precursors
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 Laboratory intercomparison of the ozone absorption coefficients in the mid-infrared (10 µm) and ultraviolet (300-350 nm) spectral regions
Picquet-Varrault, B., Orphal, J., Doussin, J-F., Carlier, P. and Flaud, J-M.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 109(6); 1008-1014, 2005

 T-dependent rate measurements of homogeneous ice nucleation in cloud droplets using a large atmospheric simulation chamber
Benz, S., Megahed, K., Möhler, O., Saathoff, H., Wagner, R. and Schurath, U.
J. Photochem. Photobiol. A176, 208 (2005)

 Chamber Simulations of Cloud Chemistry: The AIDA Chamber in "Environmental Simulation Chambers: Application to Atmospheric Chemical Processes
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