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InstitutionUniversité Paris 12
DepartmentLISA UMR 7583
Address61 avenue du Général de Gaulle, F-94010 Creteil Cedex, France
Phone+33-1-45 17 15 85
Fax+33-1-45 17 15 64
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Principal investigator:

NameDr. Jean François Doussin
PositionMaître de Conférences (Université PARIS 7)
Email Mail to J.F. Doussin
Scientific interests Dr. Jean-Francois Doussin was appointed as Maître de Conférences (Lecturer - Assistant Professor) in Chemistry at the University of Paris 7 - Denis Diderot on 1st September 1998. He has been a member of the research group "Physico-chemical reactivity of trace compounds in the atmosphere" at the Inter-University Laboratory of Atmospheric systems (LISA) for over 10 years. This group has been leaded by Dr. Patrick Carlier for over 20 years.Dr. JF Doussin is now leading the group "Multiphase Reactivity in Simulated Atmosphere".

His main scientific interest are : (1) Kinetic and mechanistic studies of atmospheric processes in medium sized photo-reactors using in situ long-path absorption spectroscopy for analysis; (2) Atmospheric aerosol chemical characterisation (3) Multiphase atmospheric chemistry (4) Molecular spectroscopy for atmospheric trace gas measurements.

Important publications:

Carrasco N. , Doussin J.F., Picquet-Varrault B. and Carlier P. (2006) Tropospheric degradation of 2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanal, a photo-oxidation product of 2-methyl-3-buten-2-ol: Kinetic and mechanistic study of its photolysis and its reaction with OH radicals, Atmos. Environ. 40(11), 2011-2019.

B. Picquet-Varrault, J. Orphal, J.-F. Doussin, P. Carlier, and J.-M. Flaud (2005) Laboratory intercomparison of the ozone absorption coefficients in the mid-infrared (10 µm) and ultraviolet (300-350 nm) spectral regions, J. Phys. Chem. A, 109(6), 1008-1014.

N. Klawatsch-Carrasco, J. F. Doussin, P. Carlier (2004) Absolute rate constants for the gas-phase ozonolysis of isoprene and methylbutenol, Int. J. Chem. Kin. 36(3), 152 - 156.

Chevallier E., R. Durand-Jolibois, N. Meunier, Monod and P.Carlier P. (2004) "Fenton-like'' reactions of methylhydroperoxide and ethylhydroperoxide with Fe2+ in liquid aerosols under tropospheric conditions, Atmos. Environ. 38, 921-933.

Meunier N., J. F. Doussin, E. Chevallier, R. Durand-Jolibois, B. Picquet-Varrault and P. Carlier (2003) Atmospheric fate of alkoxy radicals: branching ratio of evolution pathways for 1-propoxy, 2-propoxy, 2-butoxy and 3-pentoxy radicals, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 5, 4834-4839.

Monod A. , N. Bonnefoy, P. Kaluzny, I. Denis, P. Foster and P. Carlier (2003) Methods for sampling and analysis of tropospheric ethanol in gaseous and aqueous phases, Chemosphere 52(8), 1307-1319.

Pinceloup S., G. Laverdet, F. Maguin, J.F. Doussin, P. Carlier and G. Le Bras (2003) Laboratory investigation of the photooxidation of formaldehyde combining FTIR analysis of stable species and HO2 detection by the chemical amplifier technique, J. Photochem. & Photobiol. A 157(2-3), 275-281.

Doussin J.F., B. Picquet-Varrault , R. Durand-Jolibois , H. Loirat and P.Carlier (2003) A visible and FTIR spectrometric study of the nighttime chemistry of acetaldehyde and PAN under simulated atmospheric conditions, J. Photochem. & Photobiol. A 157(2-3), 283-293.