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InstitutionFundación Centro de Estuios Ambientales del Mediterraneo
DepartmentEuphore Laboratories
AddressC/. Charles R. Darwin 14, E-46980 Paterna, Spain
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Principal investigator:

NameDr. Amalia Muñoz Cintas
Positionsenior scientist
Email Mail to Amalia Muñoz Cintas
Scientific interests  

Important publications:

V Feigenbrugel, A. Le Person, S. Le Calvé, A. Mellouki, A. Muñoz, and K. Wirtz. Atmospheric fate of dichlorvos: photolysis and OH-initiated oxidation studies. Enviromental Science and Technology 40:850-857, 2006.

G. Solignac, I Magneron, A. Mellouki, A. Muñoz, M. Martin-Reviejo, and K. Wirtz. A study of the reaction of OH radicals with N-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, N-methylsuccinimide and N-formyl-2-pyrrolidinone. Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry 54:89-102, 2006.

M. P. O'Connor, J. Wenger, A. Mellouki, K. Wirtz, and A. Muñoz. The atmospheric photolysis of E-2-hexenal, Z-3-hexenal and E,E-2,4-hexadienal. Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys 8:5236-5246, 2006.

A. Le Person, A. Mellouki, A. Muñoz, E. Borras, M Martin-Reviejo, and K. Wirtz. Trifluralin: Photolysis under sunlight conditions and reaction with HO radicals. Chemosphere 67 :376-383, 2007.

E. Gómez Alvarez, J. Viidanoja, A. Muñoz, K. Wirtz, J. Hjorth, Experimental Confirmation of the Dicarbonyl Route in the Photo-oxidation of Toluene and Benzene. Submitted to Enviromental Science and Technology