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InstitutionEuropean Commission DG Joint Research Centre
DepartmentInstitute for Environment and Sustainability
AddressVia E. Fermi 1, I-21020 Ispra (VA), Italy
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Principal investigator:

NameDr. Jens Hjorth
Positionsenior scientist
Email Mail to J. Hjorth
Scientific interests  

Important publications:

Acerboni, G., Myhre, G., Jensen, N.R., Nielsen, C.J., Stordal, F., Hjorth, J. (2001) Global warming potentials and atmospheric degradation of three perfluoroalkenes, Atmos. Environ. 35, 4113-4123.

Ballesteros, B., Jensen, N.R., Hjorth, J. (2002) FT-IR study of the kinetics and products of the reactions of dimethylsulphide, dimethylsulfoxide and dimethylsulphone with Br and BrO, J. Atmos. Chem. 43, 135-150.

Bolzacchini, E., Bruchi, M., Fantucci, P., Hjorth, J., Meinardi, S., Orlandi, M., Rindone, B., Rosenbohm, E., (2001) The gas-phase reaction of phenol with NO3,, Environ. Sci. Technol. 35, 1791-1797.

Falbe-Hansen, H., Sørensen, S., Jensen, N.R., Pedersen, T., Hjorth, J. (2000) Atmospheric gas phase reactions of dimethylsulphoxide and dimethylsulphone with OH and NO3 radicals, Cl atoms and ozone, Atmos. Environ. 34, 1543-1551.

Kotzias, D., Larsen, B.R., (2000) Carboxylic acids in secondary aerosols from oxidation of cyclic monoterpenes by ozone, Environ. Sci. Technol. 34, 1001-1010.

Larsen, B.R., Di Bella, D., Glasius, M., Winterhalter, R., Jensen, N.R., Hjorth, J. (2001) Gas-phase OH oxidation of monoterpenes: Gaseous and particulate products, J. Atmos. Chem. 38, 231-276.

Winterhalter, R., Van Dingenen, R., Larsen, B.R., Jensen, N.R., Hjorth, J. (2003) LC-MS analysis of aerosol particles from the oxidation of a-pinene by ozone and OH-radicals, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss. 3, 1-33.

Wisthaler, A., Jensen, N.R., Winterhalter, R., Lindinger, W. and Hjorth, J. (2001) Measurements of acetone and other gas-phase product yields from the OH-initiated oxidation of terpenes by proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS), Atmos. Environ. 35, 6181-6191.