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EUROCHAMP was a research project funded within the EC 6th Framework Programme, Section "Support for Research Infrastructures - Integrated Infrastructure Initiative".

13 European Partners were the backbone of this project, which developed a grid of environmental chambers designed for the the scientific investigation of atmospheric chemical processes.

A number of associated research groups worldwide contributed to the project by providing expert knowledge on specific fields of atmospheric science.

The EUROCHAMP project started on June 1, 2004 and was finished on May 31, 2009. EUROCHAMP was aimed to make better use of these expensive facilities by breaking down boundaries between national research institutions and opening up access to a wider range of researchers. The project has been a success story from its beginning in June 2004. A huge database on environmental chamber experiments has been developed, which is currently being used by many scientists also from outside the consortium for the development and improvement of chemical mechanisms describing the degradation of atmospheric pollutants.

Furthermore, within the frame of the project several novel analytical techniques for the detection of trace gases and particulates in the atmosphere have been developed and will be deployed in the future in field experiments. In addition, a great number of peer-reviewed publications resulted from the project. The success story will continue. On May 1, 2009 the EUROCHAMP-2 project started with a slightly modified consortium of 14 partners, which will continue the prosperous work at least for the next four years.