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EUROCHAMP-2020 is organised into 11 work packages (WP): six Networking Activities (WP1-6), two Trans-National Access Activities including hands-on access to simulation chamber facilities (WP7) and physical/remote access to calibration facilities (WP8), one Virtual Access activity (WP9) and two Joint Research Activities (WP10 and WP11).

WP number  Activity type WP title WP leader
NA1  Management  Jean-François Doussin - CNRS 
2 NA2 Atmospheric simulation chamber characterization and interoperability Amalia Muñoz - CEAM 
NA3 Standard Protocols, Instrumentation,, Quality Assurance and Data Provision Astrid Kiendler-Scharr - FZJ
NA4 Innovation Platform  John Wenger - UCC 
NA5  Long-term sustainability and integration of EUROCHAMP in the European environmental research infrastructure and ESFRI landscape  Paolo Laj - UHEL 
NA6 Outreach, Communication and Education Christian George - CNRS
7 TNA1  Physical access to the chambers  Peter Wiesen - BUW 
TNA2  Transnational access to calibration facilities  Harald Saathoff - KIT 
VA  EUROCHAMP Data Centre   Bénédicte Picquet-Varrault - CNRS 
10  JRA1  Evolution of atmospheric simulation chamber infrastructure to address broader scientific and societal needs  Urs Baltensperger - PSI 
11  JRA2  Model development ad evaluation to enhance and optimally exploit the chamber infrastructure Gordon McFiggans - NCAS-JRU