Associated Partners

Associated Partnership

About Associated Partnership

EUROCHAMP-2020 encourages SMEs and large companies from the private sector as well as research institutions to become Associated Partner in the project. Associated Partners are expected to participate actively in EUROCHAMP-2020's activities, to contribute with their expertise to the project’s objectives and they can benefit from the activities undertaken within the project:

- Access to harmonized operating procedures and quality standards and implementation of standards for long-term observation of atmospheric variables;

- Training of researchers and instrument operators, including international participants;

- Joint ventures with SMEs for development of new technologies for use in atmospheric observations;

- Provision of quality assured data to the central EUROCHAMP Data Centre;

- Access to project meetings and technical workshop;

- Access to  web-based information and optimization of knowledge transfer within the scientific community. Associated Partners are not charged for participating in the project, they are expected to cover possible costs related to their activities within EUROCHAMP-2020. Some limited travel costs may be covered by the project on request, decided on a case-by-case basis, and in agreement with the EUROCHAMP-2020 contract.

Apply for Associated Partnership

Any legal entity interested in associating with EUROCHAMP-2020 is invited to submit an application form. Associated Partners are proposed to the EUROCHAMP-2020 Executive Board and approved by the General Assembly. The admittance of an Associated Partner is based on the coherence of the proposed activities with the project's objectives. Associated Partners are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect any confidential proprietary information available under the project.

If your company/ institution is interested in becoming an associated partner of EUROCHAMP, please download and return to the Project Office ( the following form (available soon).

Current Associated Partners
Finland Airmodus Oy Aerosol measurement and sampling devices 
Finland  Dekati Oy  Aerosol measurement and sampling devices 
France  PlumeLab  Sensors, products for real time monitoring of air quality 
Germany  TSI  Aerosol measurement and sampling devices  
Germany AeroMegt Instrument development, mass spectometry, chromatography 
Germany QUMA  Instrument development, mass spectometry, chromatography 
Contros  Sensors, products for real time monitoring of ocean composition 
Greece  Nanothinx Product manufacturers: nanotechnology
Ireland Pilot Photonics  Product manufacturers: optical sources for telecoms industry
Italy  PM_TEN  Consultancy services: monitoring, air pollution studies
Romania  CONITECH ltd  Consultancy services: engineering 
Romania  TehnoINSTRUMET  Consultancy services: environmental monitoring
Spain AITEX  De-pollution and air treatment 
United Kingdom  Glyn Hughes Engineering Product manufacturers : Stove design 
United Kingdom ALPHASENSE  Sensors, products for real time monitoring of air quality