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Opportunities from the EUROCHAMP-2020 community

     Post-doc at PSI

Study of Sources of Organic Aerosols using novel off-line techniques based on electron impact, soft ionization mass spectrometry and other methods
Your tasks
• Responsible for the analysis of various filters across the world including China, India, Iran, Poland and others
• Running the aerosol mass spectrometers in the lab including improvement of the methods
• Source apportionment of data using advanced positive matrix factorization
• Support in guidance of PhD students and supervisions of interns
• High quality publications of the research results

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*** Closing by 5 march 2017 ***

Modelling position at the University of York 

A fixed term postdoctoral appointment is available to start as soon as possible for an initial period of 18 months, with the possibility of extension to 24 months in the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories, part of the Department of Chemistry, to support the NERC funded project “Mechanisms for Atmospheric chemistry: GeneratioN, Interpretation and FidelitY (MAGNIFY)”.


Other opportunities


*** Closing date:3 March2017***

Postdoctoral Fellow in Evaluating Aerosol Hygroscopicity and Optical Properties in Climate Models using in-situ Measurements

Project description
Atmospheric aerosols are an important component of the Earth’s climate system. Aerosols scatter and absorb solar radiation but are also eminent important for cloud formation since they act as nuclei for cloud droplets (or ice particles). Their optical properties and thus contribution to the Earth’s radiative budget are strongly dependent on their ability to take up water (i.e. hygroscopicity) and ambient relative humidity. This project will use global in-situ measurements of aerosol hygroscopicity that will be evaluated in global climate models. The position will be part of the project “Evaluation and improvement of the parameterization of aerosol hygroscopicity in global climate models using in-situ surface measurements” which is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE).


Further information about the position can be obtained from Dr. Paul Zieger,telephone: +46 8 674 76 34,, or Prof. Ilona Riipinen,telephone: +358 40 708 28 23,