Eurochamp-2020 aims at enhancing and foster innovation through cooperation with the private sector and in particular with European SMEs: 

- by initiating, developing and reinforcing the engagement of industry users.

- by establishing a platform for exchange of expertise and knowledge with the private sector.

- by promoting and enhancing the use of EUROCHAMP by SMEs and companies for testing novel instrumentation, sensors and other products at chambers or calibration centres.

EUROCHAMP-2020 has an extensive range of chamber facilities that can serve as excellent testbeds for a wide range of instruments and technologies. Highly specific atmospheres can be generated in response to the particular needs of industry users and the performance of products can be evaluated through comparison with measurements provided by multiple techniques. Performance can also be tested under a variety of different conditions (concentration of gases, particles, temperature, relative humidity, light intensity etc.) and many technical aspects such as stability, reproducibility, and interference from specified atmospheric constituents can all be assessed. 

As a result, many EUROCHAMP-2020 partners currently have (or have had) successful collaborations with companies and SMEs. An Innovation Platform has been created to enhance and promote industry involvement to allow EUROCHAMP-2020 to achieve its innovation potential. The Innovation Platform involves the coordination and promotion of the various innovation activities within EUROCHAMP-2020 that are specifically related to collaborative work with industry users.

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